Meditation for Modern Life

Have you been fascinated by meditation but don’t think you can do it? Maybe you’ve tried meditating but couldn’t stop your thoughts? Download that app and never use it?

Do you want to feel better?
You’ve come to the right place.

About Us

We’re Michael Miller and Jillian Lavender, founders of New York Meditation Center. We’ll teach you Vedic Meditation in a way that fits with your busy life.

We’re experienced (we’ve taught thousands of people and have been meditating for decades). We’re all about practical (you’re not going to get lots of ooby-gooby). And we’re normal (we’re parents and we’ve worked real jobs.)

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How to Learn

Step 1

Come to a Free
Introductory Talk

 An hour-long session.
What we teach. Why it works.
(You won’t be bored.)

Step 2

join a basic
meditation course

Four sessions over four days.
You’re meditating the very first day.
Changes happen right away.

Corporate Programs

We lead seminars on wellbeing, creativity and stress.
We also teach meditation courses for teams and private courses for executives.


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More productive and less anxious

“Overall, I am more productive in both my home and work life. I feel more in control rather than constantly worried.”

—Peter, President of Global Sales

Stress levels down

“I feel noticeably calmer and have more focus. I’ve told all my friends about meditation and will continue to do so.”

—Tina, Project Manager

Authentic and expert teachers

Jillian and Michael both have a warm, genuine humility and an unwavering authenticity, combined with their expertise and mastery of this beautiful practice.

—Lee, Headteacher

Immediate results

“Meditation worked immediately for me, after the 4-day course I felt already less anxious.”

—Pauline, Finance Assistant

No more insomnia

“My insomnia is cured: I sleep well and I feel calmer and happier than before.”

—James, Novelist and Academic

Meditation changed my life

“I have no doubt I would be on anti-depressants and spending a fortune on therapy had I not discovered this technique.”

—Joanna, Advertising

Great teachers

“I thought Jillian and Michael were both brilliant. Approachable, welcoming, passionate and down-to-earth.”

—Katia, Former CEO and mother of two

Ongoing support

“The group sessions are a fantastic way to keep inspired and to meet others who have discovered the wonders of daily meditation.”

—Martin, Company Director

Better than an app

“This has been so much more interesting than listening to Headspace or similar audio apps. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough!”

—Eugene, Student

For Meditators

Once you’ve learned Vedic Meditation from us (or anyone else!) you get lots of free support. There are plenty of ways to stay connected and go further.

Notes on Meditation

Some little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.

Direct Experience

Enlightenment is not based on a mood. Enlightenment is not based on a belief.

Enlightenment is based on direct experience.

Step Beyond Thought

To be able to step beyond thinking and arrive at the source of thought is the greatest skill. A reservoir of intelligence, bliss and energy awaits.

Expectation and Misery

When a preference becomes an expectation then rigid attachment has crept in and misery will follow closely.

The Self Revealed

“The Self reveals its essence only to him who applies himself to the Self” – Katha Upanishad

Blueprint of Creation

Intelligence is that which gives direction to change.

Meditation connects you to the underlying creative intelligence that is the blueprint of all creation.